We strongly believe your servers deserve the best treatment.

Do you know if all your software is up-to-date?

We detect your outdated software real-time and notify you with new software updates.


Don't get hacked.

Over half a million servers get attacked on a daily basis due to outdated software. We scan your server real-time for outdated software and exploits. We generate reports which you can view in your dashboard.

Supported software

160k+ software supported.

We support over 160,400 software packages and modules. The team keeps adding new software detections on a daily basis.

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Real-time detection

Real-time detection.

We spy on software manufacturers and instantly add their newest software version and exploits in our system. This information is instantly available on your dashboard and is sent to you in an email with further details on how to fix.


Integrate and automate.

Build great applications using the PatrolServer API and bring the strength of our scanner to your users.

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Keeping your software up-to-date is a necessity nowadays,
give exploits no chance.

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