Outdated Software Statistics.

Based on top 50.000 of Alexa (and currently scanning the next 5000).

Disclaimer: having up to date software isn't the only security practise. You still have to write secure code, check the logs for penetration of hackers, have an onsite security methology for your employees and so on. But because hackers only have to find one weak spot, a server is as bad as it's weakest spot. So having outdated software is like leaving the front door open.


The different software we detected, together with the usage.

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Outdated software

Servers are running known, vulnerable, outdated software. In this section you can view the outdated (red) and up-to-date (green) software. We also have a grey category for software versions we couldn't determine because it was hidden. Note: packaged versions are not detected as outdated, when the distro is still supported.

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<% item.name %> Due to multiple LTS releases, almost no servers were found with an unsupported Ubuntu distribution. Mostly installed without package system, resulting in many outdated versions. Doesn't support automatic updates, so versions tend to be behind. Supports automatic updates, only those on an outdated 3.9.x branch stay behind on updates. OpenSSH only supports the latest release, resulting into many systems having an outdated version. Hiding the Apache version is a common hardening tip. Therefore, it's harder to detect the Apache version. Last two versions are supported, many fall foul and are quickly on an unsupported release. Software is mostly kept up-to-date with automatic Windows updates.

Global stats

The amount of outdated software packages we found per server. The higher, the worse.

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The long tail

A "fully safe" indicator based on the top Alexa list. The top 10 most visited sites are "fully safe", they mainly don't leak a lot of software information. And when they do, versions often run the latest version and security patches. The further we go from the most visited sites, the more servers have outdated software.

Most used versions

Shows the most used version per software.

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